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The MMPI is a compulsory test mandated for a variety of employment and career opportunities and for favorable credibility for many types of court appearances. Not only can your future be compromised with a negative result, worse still you have to pay the Psychologist fee of $500-800 for administering the test.


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What is the MMPI-2?

The MMPI Multiphasic Personality Test is a psychological test that assesses personality traits and pathologies. It is primarily intended to diagnose people who are suspected of having mental health issues, but can also be used to assess people as psychologically healthy or have surprising personality characteristics.


The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory is strictly controlled by those who hold the rights of the MMPI. Pearson’s an ‘Educational Company’ has spent years infiltrating Businesses, Employment Recruiting Agencies and the Justice System to the point it is now relied upon so extensively they can charge huge fees for administered the MMPI Test.

Why would you want to Take the MMPI Online and Pass the MMPI-2 Test?

MMPI Employment Opportunities

Almost all Government Job Opportunities require you to Pass the MMPI Test. The MMPI test is deigned to reveal an individuals mental health and capacity to handle specific roles pertinent to key positions.

MMPI Court Cases

Especially for Child Custody, but extensively used to provide evidence on the Psychological instability of one of the parties involved in the case. The balance of Justice can be tipped in your favor

MMPI Personality Test Assessment

The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) is one of the most frequently used personality tests in mental health. The test is used by trained professionals to assist in identifying personality structure and psychopathology.

Why is the MMPI test not online?

When you search for “MMPI Test Online Free” usually you get forums saying it is not available, or Websites that are impossible to get the results or even websites with no links just an article.  But the MMPI-2 Test is available Online here and the test actually works with thousands of people taking the MMPI-2 test online.


The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory series of tests and exams including the most common MMPI are strictly controlled by those who hold the rights of the MMPI.  The psychologists who are permitted to administer and interrupt the results have undergone training in the use of the MMPI, and are highly regulated on what they are allowed and not allowed to do.

For Example:

The University of Minnesota Press is the publisher of the MMPI® instruments, representing the Regents of the University of Minnesota, and is exclusively licenses ‘Pearson Assessment’ to produce, market, and sell the MMPI test products and to offer scoring and interpretive services.

Psychologists who are able to give the test are strongly encouraged to only ever provide the final results of the MMPI and not disclose any of the components (scales) as individual results.  They are told to keep the results from the client/patient claiming…

  • They were not designed or intended to be provided directly to clients.
  • The reports contain trade secrets and are not to be released in response to requests under HIPAA (or any other data disclosure law that exempts trade-secret information from release).

Any attempts to deviate from revealing ‘trade secrets’ or administering the test without a fee are heavily pursued by Pearson’s and psychological clinicians who derive an income from the administering of the MMPI tests.

Those with invested interests in the MMPI series of tests absolutely consider it unethical to ….
  • Provide the test under any situation which will make it invalid i.e. it must “be completed in a controlled environment and monitored in order to assure that the client has taken the test under appropriate conditions” (this means a fee).
  • Advise, instruct or educate a client, patient or person into the design, construction or engineering of report creation of the MMPI
MMPI Online Court Case

Since 2010 Pearson’s Clinical, have spent HUNDREDS of Thousands of Dollars to prevent you from being able to take our MMPI Test Online. They just don’t like that the internet consumer can to the test themselves for $3.49 and not have to pay a ‘preferred provider’ Several hundreds of dollars. 

For details of the history of effort go here

The Importance of the MMPI is Undeniable

The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2) is the most used personality test in clinical settings in the United States. It is the only personality test the results of which are recognized and used by that country’s courts of law. Published in 1940, the MMPI was the first comprehensive test that was data-driven, that largely did away with theory, and it was first calibrated by asking inpatient and outpatient individuals of psychiatric hospitals with well-known conditions to answer the test as they would if honest.


The MMPI-2 was published in 1989, and is still in use today. Over this time it has been refined and validated with hundreds of thousands of people taking the test and many scientific studies that led to the inclusion of subscales and the supplementary scales.


The result was a test so long and so exhausting that virtually nobody is able to keep their answers coherent if an attempt at dishonesty was made. The fact that it is so successful at detecting malingering, among other types of faking, is why this test is used in U.S. court cases of many kinds and why it is also used for employment hiring and promoting, from emergency services to police to military personnel, and in the private sector too.

Using 567 true or false questions, rates the tester on 130 categories (validity scales included). Once validity of the answers is established, a profile is created employing 10 Clinical Scales. These scales are used to determine ones suitability for high paying occupations.

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