Take the MMPI 2 Test Online

Take the MMPI 2 Test Online

As mentioned by Dr. Shannon Curry ... Amber Heard borderline personality disorder
Johhn Depp Amber Heard

Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard Court Case.
MMPI Personality Exam to test for Personality Disorders

The MMPI-2 Test was used in the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trail by Dr Shannon Curry to diagnose Histrionic personality disorder. This has created a great deal of interest in people wanting to MMPI-2 themselves and obtain their own personality analysis.
Psychologists will charge you $800-1000 for the MMPI-2 Personality Test

The MMPI-2 test is a remarkably accurate assessment of personality that is so highly valued in Court cases and Government Employment evaluations, that it’s use is highly regulated and controlled.


We do not agree that such a useful tool for examining your personality should only be available to the wealthy.  We have been providing the MMPI for years for only $3.49 and we will not increase the price just because the personality exam has been made popular.


We provide a cheat sheet to answer the questions to appear normal.  As a Bonus you get to take the MMPI text online (best on a computer, rather than phone or tablet) for as many times as you want for up to a month and get your own assessment of your personality – warts and all

Take and Beat the MMPI-2 Test Online

Only $3.49 for the most powerful self assessment tool ever created.  – Go ahead, discovered who you really are (and how other people already see ‘Who’ you are) …….for the price of a Big Mac. Ask yourself, Is my value of self awareness really less than a fast food joints hamburger!!!!

There is nothing more important than Knowing Thyself.

Take the MMPI 2 Test Online: The Multiphasic Personality Inventory Exam Prep Test with Instant Results and Interpretation Information.
Take the MMPI 2 Test Online
Appearing Normal Answers
To Pass the MMPI2 Test

The Do-it-Yourself  MMPI 2 Test Online that saves Hundreds of Dollars paying a licensed Psychologist.  Help prepare for the job personality test, or just take it to assess your personality with the most popular personality tests.


When you purchase our Cheat Sheet (MMPI Answers to appear normal on the MMPI) and detailed information on how to Analyze your Results.  ONLY $3.49 you can take the test an unlimited amount of times

Here in how to take the MMPI 2 Test Online Just a ONE time Payment for the “Appearing Normal” Cheat Sheet

It is pretty simple! Instead of having to go to a Psychologist and take the test, wait for them to go through the results and paraphrase them, (a registered administrator of the MMPI tests are strongly encouraged to NOT show you the core results – only to provide an interpretation); you can get access to the MMPI 2 test here using our updated questions MPI 2 Prep Test.

NOT ONLY do you get your results instantly the Cheat Sheet guide provides detailed description of what each of the measurements mean. AND because you can take the test many times – you can compare your real original results with both the Cheat Sheet and further practice.  Now you can BEAT THE MMPI.

Learn to register as normal to a potential Employer or the Courts

Employers and Courts system use the MMPI to test or oddities in your personality that can be used in their favor.  You can use the same test to discover your personality traits AND learn how to beat it.  Practice the MMPI 2 (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) for just $3.49 you can take the MMPI Online (Test & Results only,  no analysis or interpretation provided.)