Take the MMPI 2 Test Online

Take the MMPI 2 Test Online

Take the MMPI 2 Test Online: The Multiphasic Personality Inventory Exam Prep Test with Instant Results and Interpretation Information.
Take the MMPI 2 Test Online
Appearing Normal Answers
To Pass the MMPI2 Test

The Do-it-Yourself  MMPI 2 Test Online that saves Hundreds of Dollars paying a licensed Psychologist.  Help prepare for the job personality test, or just take it to assess your personality with the most popular personality tests.


When you purchase our Cheat Sheet (MMPI Answers to appear normal on the MMPI) and detailed information on how to Analyze your Results.  ONLY $3.99 you can take the test an unlimited amount of times

Here in how to take the MMPI 2 Test Online Just a ONE time Payment for the “Appearing Normal” Cheat Sheet

It is pretty simple! Instead of having to go to a Psychologist and take the test, wait for them to go through the results and paraphrase them, (a registered administrator of the MMPI tests are strongly encouraged to NOT show you the core results – only to provide an interpretation); you can get access to the MMPI 2 test here using our updated questions MPI 2 Prep Test.

NOT ONLY do you get your results instantly the Cheat Sheet guide provides detailed description of what each of the measurements mean. AND because you can take the test many times – you can compare your real original results with both the Cheat Sheet and further practice.  Now you can BEAT THE MMPI.

Take and Beat the MMPI-2 Test Online

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Get your MMPI 2 Test results in a few Simple Steps

1) Purchase the Cheat Sheet Answers that provide a sample of how to appear normal for just $3.99

2) Included in the Cheat Sheet is a link to take the MMPI 2 for free (actual Test is the MPI-Prep Test)

3) When finished answering the questions press the score button for your results and print the page using the settings in your browser for a permanent record.


This is a One time Payment for up to a Month of repeated MMPI 2 Test Online

It is simple,
1) Just fill in your credit card details in this secure form
2) You will get instant access to the MMPI Cheat Sheet which has a link to the online MMPI Test
3) Your can understand your results from Here


  1. Please Ensure you have at least an hour to take the MMPI test after Purchase
  2. You understand there is no assistance interpreting your results
  3. Test is best taken on a Computer (saving and printing results)
  4. If taking the MMPI-2  Test on a Mobile Device results may not be able to be saved